Why are keyboard buttons not alphabetical?

We all use keyboards on computers or laptops. Now even mobile has a keyboard. Before you start using the keyboard, you must also have noticed that why the keyboard buttons are not alphabetical? Why is it weird?

Name of the scientist who invented the computer
The computer was invented in the 19th century by a famous mathematician professor named Charles Babbage. Hence he is also called the 'father of computers'. However, many changes have been made on the computer since then.

Computer keyboard story
When the shoals were determining the order and order of the words, they found that when the sequence was kept upright, the buttons were jamming and being difficult to press, one after the other. At that time the typewriter did not have a backspace button. This is the reason that the words qwerty (QWERTY) were introduced in the keyboard to make it easier to type.

Why are keyboard buttons not alphabetical?
At first, the computer keyboard buttons were alphabetical, but then there was a lot of difficulty in typing. The board of those days did not have a backspace button. Once a mistake is made, it cannot be remade and rewritten. After a lot of experimentation, the buttons were placed in the computer keyboard in such a way that most words used in normal life can be easily typed using both hands. It was named qwerty (QWERTY).