8 Women Scientists of ISRO Who Created History

So far we have been hearing that behind every successful human being there is a woman's hand, but now we can say that behind every successful space mission, not one but hundreds of women scientists are supported. Yes, we are Not only this, but these words prove that these 8 women scientists, who have been part of the recent successful space mission.

Women Scientists of ISRO

India has successfully placed an artificial satellite in the orbit of the Moon and Mars in space, with such economies that even developed countries are appreciating it. But behind this success, there is something special that is not in front of the world. Simple and positive intelligent women who were part of many important missions of the Indian Space Research Institute. The extent of success for these women is not limited to the sky, but beyond where they belong.
These empowered, empowered and self-sufficient women are just like normal women around us, but the scientific influence makes them special. Let's meet these special women scientists of ISRO -

1. Ritu Kardhal

Ritu, who is a mother of two children, solves many problems in ISRO through deliberations, but despite this, she spends most weekends in ISRO. When she was small, she was surprised to see how big and small the moon is. He always seems to be the subject of the Moon Kautuhl, which had many questions in his mind. But now that she has passed away, she is the deputy operation director of the Mangalyaan mission. After reading every little information about space science in his childhood, today he is one of the heads of this famous mission of ISRO.

2. Moumita Dutta

Moumita read about the Chandrayaan mission in childhood, and today she is working as a project manager for the Mangalyaan mission. He did his M.Tech in experimental physics from Kolkata University. Currently, she is representing the team for the advancement of the country in the field of optics by being a part of "Make in India".

3. Nandini Harinath

Nandini Harinath had joined ISRO as her first job and today it has been 20 years, they are on the path of continuous progress. She was inspired to study science subjects after watching the star track series. Being from a family of teachers and engineers, he had a natural inclination towards science and technology.

Today, being a deputy director in an ISRO, she feels proud of the picture of Mangalyaan Mission published on a 2000 rupee note. They work very hard. Despite having children, she did not go home for a few days before launching. This is called commitment.

4. Anuradha TK

Anuradha Geoset is the senior-most female officer in ISRO as Program Director. He must have been around 9 years old when he discovered that Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to reach the Moon. This was her first lesson in becoming an astronaut, which she was fascinated with.
Being a senior officer, she is an inspiration for every woman scientist of ISRO. In a student's life, he was more interested in reading logical subjects, rather than rote or memorized subjects. Today, despite being the head of ISRO's very important department, she sets her same logical mind. He says that due to the treatment of equality here many times they do not remember whether they are a woman or different.

5. N. Walaramathi

The launch of India's first indigenous radar imagery satellite, Reset One, is represented by N. Walaramathi. She is the second woman officer after T. K. Anuradha to head ISRO's satellite mission. At the age of 52, he has made his state Tamil Nadu proud. N. Valaramathi is the first woman to head the mission used in remote sensing satellite.

6. Minal Sampath

Minal Sampath, who worked 18 hours a day for the Mangalyaan orbital mission, represents 500 scientists as ISRO's systems engineer. In the last two years, he almost said goodbye to Sundays and government holidays. But the result of this agreement also came as the biggest pleasure in the success of the Mars mission. Now her next goal is to become the first woman director in the National Space Institute.

7. Keerti Faujdar

Kirti Faujdar is a computer scientist of ISRO who works on the master control facility to put the satellite in its correct orbit. They are part of the team that keeps a constant eye on satellites and other missions. They do the work of improvement if anything goes wrong. Their work hours are somewhat irregular, sometimes in the day or sometimes overnight. She works peacefully without fear because she just loves her work. Kirti wants to do M.Tech to become a better scientist of ISRO in the future.

8. Tacy Thomas

Tacy is a missile woman from India who has major participation in Agni 4 and Agni 5 missions. Tacey Thomas does technical work not for ISRO but for DRDO. But they are eligible to join this list. It is their diligence and dedication that helped make India a part of a special group of countries along with ICBMs. Due to her achievements, she was also known in the media as Agniputri.
Currently, more than 16 thousand women are working for ISRO and are making progress. It is easy to imagine that ISRO is entirely comprised of men, as till now all the 7 major men of ISRO remained. But the truth is that thousands of women are working hard for our premier space institute.