How are mountains formed? Types of mountains and their formation.

how are mountains formed

As soon as the name of the mountain is used, a lot of names read in school books start to be remembered - Aravalli, Satpura, Vindhyachal, Himalaya, Rocky, Andes …… etcetera. You may have visited some of these mountains. You must have realized that the mountains belong to the height - the mountains are higher than the surrounding ground surface. Sometimes small heights are also seen near a flat or flat village, which people call by name like Pahadia, Tekri, Pahari.

What is the mountain?

Mountains cover a fifth of the land and are present in each continent. Without mountains, the imagination of the world is certainly devoid of attraction and hypnosis. But what is a mountain and what is its definition?

A mountain is a structure of soil and rock climbing higher and upright than any hill. Generally, there is a rise of about 600 meters high on earth at a certain place of mountain earth. The definition of mountains can be that it has steep and straight slopes, upper flattened areas, and bulging with rounded or pointed peaks. Geologists consider an upright area as a mountain only when there are two or more types of climate and diversity of vegetation at different altitudes.

The mutually closest position of several mountains forms the mountain range. Many such parallel mountain ranges and large mountain ranges form. The North American Cordillera, the Himalayas, the Alps are examples of large mountain ranges.

There are thousands of mountains in the world and the highest mountain in the world is the Himalayan Mountains. Have you ever wondered how these mountains are formed?

Many small and big animals live on the mountain, such as insects, pranks, snakes, scorpions, etc. These animals face no danger from humans. Apart from enhancing the natural beauty of the mountains, they are also very useful such as to influence the weather, to influence the amount of rain, herbs are found in the mountains which are used to cure severe diseases. Mountain stones are used to build houses and roads.

There are four types of mountains.

1. Folded Mountain

A folded mountain is formed when two or more tectonic plates fold due to excessive pressure.

2. Block Mountain

When some part of the tectonic plates gets sunk down due to excessive pressure and some part gets up, Block Mountain is formed.

3. Volcanic Mountain

Volcanic Mountain is formed when the lava released due to the volcano cools down.

4. Residual Mountain

Due to the flow of rivers, the soil and stones that come with them are deposited in one place and the Residual Mountain is formed. It takes millions of years.

How are the natural mountains formed?

There are three layers inside the earth (Core, Mantle, and Crust). The central part of the Earth is lava, which has a temperature of millions of degrees Celsius. The rocks turn into lava due to excessive heat. Due to the reaction, the lava keeps moving, due to which the three layers of the earth also move.

Due to this movement, these layers move from one place to another due to which earthquakes occur. When two tectonic plates move each other, one plate penetrates under the other plate, the top plate moves out of the earth and takes the form of a mountain. This process takes millions of years because the mountains grow only 5 to 10 inches every year.

Due to mountain formation

A mountain can be formed for four reasons.

1. Reasons for mixing of tectonic plates

The Himalayan mountains have been formed due to the mixing of tectonic plates. When the plate climbs on top of each other, due to the force of the bottom plate, the top plate comes out of the earth and takes the form of a mountain. The mountain thus formed is called the folded mountain. Himalaya is an example of a folded mountain.

2. Due to wear of the tectonic plate

When the two tectonics weave together, some part of them gets knocked down due to the force and some part gets out, due to which the mountains are formed which is called Block Mountain. The force between these plates is very high, due to which it comes out of the earth and becomes a mountain. This process takes millions of years.

3. Causes of Lava

Lava is also the reason for the formation of mountains. Due to the slipping of the lava rock in the Earth's geology and due to the heavy pressure of the gases, it gets out of the earth. Its temperature is millions of degrees centigrade, when it comes out, the sky spreads ashes and there is difficulty in breathing. When many years later this lava cools down, it takes the form of a mountain.

4. Due to rivers

When a river running for thousands of crores of years goes from one place to another, it carries with it dust mudstones, etc. When soil, stones are deposited in one place, rock is formed there.