Basic ICT Skills Unit-3 CBSE IT(402) Class-10

A. Multiple choice questions.

Q1. The command button to password protect a document is part of the:

(a) Insert tab 

(b) Home tab 

(c) File tab

Ans. (c) File tab

Q2. Justify and center is examples of two types of:

(a) Formats of file 

(b) Alignments of Word 

(c) Types of headers

(d) Types of footer

Ans. (b) Alignments of Word

Q3. What part of the Word interface moves forward with the text being entered?

(a) Status bar 

(b) Title bar 

(c) Insertion pointer

(d) Forward button

Ans. (c) Insertion pointer

Q4. If a small table has to be created, say 3×4 dimensions, what tabs and group should be used?

(a) Insert tab / Tables group

(b) Home tab / Tables group 

(c) Design tab / Tables group

(d) Mailing tab / Table group

Ans. (a) Insert tab / Tables group

Q5. The Save and Open commands of the Word interface are part of which tab?

(a) Home tab 

(b) Insert tab 

(c) File tab

(d) View tab

Ans. (c) File tab

B. Answer the following questions.

Q1. What are the steps to assign a password to open the document?

Ans. To require a password to open the document, follow these steps:

Step1: Click on the File tab.

Step2: Click on the Info option.

Step3: Click on Protect Document button.

Step4: Click on Encrypt With Password.

Type a password, then type it again to confirm it. Save the file to make sure the password takes effect.

Q2. How can you apply page numbering to the pages of a document?

Ans. To add page numbers to your Word document, switch over to the Insert tab on the Ribbon and then click the Page Number button in the Header & Footer section

Q3. How can you apply a particular font style to the text in word 2010?

Ans. Follow these steps to make any kind of font change on the text:

1. Highlight the text that needs the font change to be effected.

2. Press the appropriate key from the Home tab → Font group.

A. Multiple choice questions.  

1. The password protection button is a part of which tab?  

(a) Insert tab

(b) Home tab

(c) File tab


2. Which of the following is NOT a type of filter available in Excel 2010?  

(a) AutoFilter

(b) Filter

(c) Advanced Filter


3. If the active cell has data in it, how do you make the contents editable?  

(a) By pressing Shift key

(b) F2 key pressed

(c) Backspace key pressed


Q4. How can you move the data using shortcuts?

(a) Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V

(b) Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

(c) Ctrl + U and Ctrl + V

(d) Ctrl + M and Ctrl + Z

Ans. (a) Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V

5. Which of the following is an example of usage of function?  

(a) = A1 + B1 + C1

(b) = DAY (TODAY)

(c) = A2 - B7

Ans. = DAY (TODAY)

B. Answer the following questions.

Q1. Compare formulas and functions.

Ans. Formulas and functions are very important in the life of an Excel user. They are related to each other. The formula always starts with an equal to ( = ) sign. An example of a formula can look like this,

= A1 + B2 * C3 + D4

Functions are predefined formulas in Excel. It is not required that we internal workings of a function. You can directly use the formulas for the Cells. An example of a function would be:

= SUM(Al: A7)

Q2. How do you use a simple filter on data?

Ans. The simplest filter of Excel is the Filter. The other filter available is the Advanced Filter. In the case of an advanced filter, detailed rules are specified as part of the spreadsheet cells. These stand for the criteria for filtering. 

In the case of Filter, the uppermost row of the data will contain arrow marks. On clicking on the arrow marks, you will find the data rows showing up. You may tick or untick the rows, based on whether you want the rows to show up or not.

Q3. Which tab and group contain the commands for changing around the font attributes?

Ans. The Home tab contains the commands for changing around the font attributes. It has five groups of related commands; Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles, and Editing.

Q4. How do you save a spreadsheet in one of its various possible formats?

Ans. To save a workbook, follow these steps:

1. Click on the File tab. 

2. Click on Save As option. 

3. From the Save As dialogue box, click on the Save As Type and choose from one of the many options to save the file. 

4. Choose the location for the file to be saved from the left pane, if required. 

5. Type any name and click on Save.

A. Multiple choice questions.

Q1. What shortcut will add a slide after the active slide in the file?

(a) Ctrl + L 

(b) Ctrl + K 

(c) Ctrl + M

(d) Ctrl + N

Ans. (c) Ctrl + M

2. The slide transitions can be found in the: 

(a) Transitions tab 

(b) Animations tab 

(c) Insert tab

Ans. Transitions tab

3. Using which key of the keyboard can you delete a slide in the presentation? 

(a) Backspace key 

(b) Delete key 

(c) Spacebar key

Ans. Delete key

4. What is the shortcut to save a presentation in the same file?  

(a) Ctrl + Shift + S 

(b) Ctrl + S 

(c) Ctrl  + M

Ans. Ctrl + S

5. By clicking inside the text part in a slide, you can prepare to: 

(a) Edit text 

(b) insert clipart 

(c) insert image

Ans. Edit text

B. Answer the following questions.

Q1. How would you insert a clip art image in a PowerPoint slide?

Ans. Follow these steps to insert clip art:

Step1. Click on the Insert tab.

Step2. Click on the Clip Art command. 

Step3. The right pane of the screen opens. Key in your search criteria for the image. 

Step4. Click on Go.

Step5. Right-click on any image and click on Insert or Copy.

After the above steps, the image gets inserted. 

The steps to insert a picture from the computer into a slide are:

Step1. Click on the Insert tab → Images group → Picture command. 

Step2. A dialog box opens. Navigate to the folder where the picture to be inserted resides. 

Step3. Select the picture and click on Insert

The picture gets inserted into the slide. 

Q2. What is the meaning of slide layout and how do you choose it?

Ans. The slide layout is basically the arrangement of elements on the slide with which the slide is available. When adding a slide, the slide is available in various layouts. You may choose any one or create your own layout by inserting elements.

Q3. How can you create a new presentation?

Ans. Creating a new presentation is fairly simple. You just need to launch the software and press the correct buttons. Follow these steps to launch PowerPoint. Double-click on the PowerPoint 2010 application shortcut if present on the desktop. OR, Locate the MS PowerPoint 2010 software from the Start menu and launch it.

A blank presentation shows up on the screen. You may know to start to modify the presentation and get it into the shape you desire from the file.

A. Multiple choice questions.  

1. Which tab contains the commands for font face and size changes?  

(a) Home tab

(b) Insert tab

(c) File tab


2. From which tab of Excel can you remove the password protection set for the workbook?  

(a) File tab

(b) Insert tab

(c) Data tab


3. How do you apply page numbering to a Word document?  

(a) Insert tab> Numbering

(b) Insert tab - Page Numbering

(c) None of these


4. Functions can be added using: 

(a) Formulas tab

(b) Data tab

(c) Insert tab


5. What is the feature due to which a long sentence occurs on the next line in Word?  

(a) Word folding

(b) Warping

(c) Word wrapping


6. In Word, what element of the interface moves forward with every typed in character?  

(a) Title bar

(b) Status bar

(c) Insertion pointer


7. Header area is place on the document above the : 

(a) Bottom margin

(b) Right margin

(c) Top margin


8. Tables can be created in Word from the : 

(a) Insert tab

(b) File tab

(c) Review tab


9. What is the shortcut to open the Print interface for any Office tool ? 

(a) Ctrl + R

(b) Ctrl + P

(c) Ctrl + T


10. Which of the following are possible numbering formats as part of the Word interface? 

(a) Roman numerals

(b) Alphabets

(c) Both of these


B. Short answer questions. 

Q1. How can you save a Word document in various formats?

Ans. It is rather easy to save a document in various formats . For that , follow these steps : 1. Click on File tab . 2. Click on Save .

3. In the Save As dialog box , type in the file name and choose the Save as type of file . 4. Click on the Save button . The file will now be saved with the name and format as entered

Q2. How would you remove the password protection from a document? 

Ans. In order to remove the password from the file just follow these steps : 1. Click on File tab . 2. Click on Info option . 3. Click on Protect Document button 4. Click on Encrypt with password 5. Remove the password This removes the password from the file

Q3. How would you choose slide layout for a slide? 


Q4. How do you save a presentation? 

Ans. It is rather easy to save a presentation . There are two options part of the File tab in PowerPoint . One is Save and the other is Save As . Save option will save the presentation in its already assigned file name and the location in the computer . You can repeatedly save the file at different times . In case of Save As , you would do it to save the file with some other name and maybe also another folder , if you so want . The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S is enough to just save the file . To save an existing file being worked on , click on Save As from File tab .

Q5. How would you sort an Excel sheet based on descending order of alphabets? 

Ans. 1. select the cell range you want to sort.

2. select the Data tab on the ribbon, then click the sort command.

3. the sort dialog box will appear.

4. decide the sorting order either ascending or descending.

5. once you are satisfied with your selection click ok.

6. the cell range will be sorted by the selected column.

C. Short answer questions. 

Q1. How do you know spelling and grammar mistakes in the document? 

Ans. The Spelling & Grammar feature of Word 2010 helps to correct any errors in the document if present in the document. If there are spelling errors in the text, they are shown up with red wavy underlines. The grammatical mistakes are also shown. The blue wavy underlines show up the grammar mistakes.

Q2. What are the alignments available in a Word document? What do they stand for?

Ans. Alignment is a separate concept. Usually, when you write on paper, you try to be left-aligned, which means that all text fits with the left margin. However, there are altogether four types of alignments possible in Word. These are left align, right align, center aligns, and justify

Types of Alignments 

Left align: The text is flush with the left margin. 

Right align: The text is flush with the right margin. 

Center align: The text is equally aligned on either side of the central vertical line in the Word interface. 

Justify: The text is aligned to both the left and right margins.

Q3. Name any four-word processing software.

Ans. The software packages that are helpful to learn about word processing are:

  • Microsoft Word 2013
  • OpenOffice Writer
  • Apple Pages
  • Corel Word Perfect
  • Google Docs (Internet-based)

Q4. Why do people mostly use spreadsheets?

Ans. Spreadsheet applications have a lot of uses, especially for accountants, office goers, and nearly everyone who deals with data. A table in software like Word just displays the data in tabular form. It does not do much more than that. Excel specializes in making computations based on data filled into its grid. Before the advent of computers, accountants made their computations on top of manual spreadsheets. Clearly, electronic spreadsheets have made the computations automatic.

D. Long answer questions.

Q1. How would you impose a password on the Word document? 

Ans. It is possible to password protect the document for doing so, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the File tab.
  2. Click on the Info option
  3. Click on Protect Document button
  4. Click on Encrypt with Password Key in the password you want for the file. You have to type it in again and the password for the file will be set.

While opening the file, the password will be asked for.  Keying it in will open the file.

Q2. How would you go about resizing fonts and styles? 

Ans. The method of modifying the font attributes is identical to that in Word. Click on the Home tab → Font group. Modifying the attributes thus will affect the attributes globally.

Q3. How do you perform custom animation on a presentation? 

Ans. The Custom animation command is part of the Animations tab in PowerPoint 2010. Using the Animations tab Advanced Animation group, various animation effects can be applied to the elements of the slide.

Q4. How will you use the Find and Replace tool in Word?

Ans. The Word software is capable of finding words or any set of characters inside it. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F can open up the Find dialog box. You may also use the Home tab Editing group → Find drop down Find as one of its options Advanced Find can also be found in the Find drop-down.  In the same tab and group, a Replace command can be found. The Replace command replaces a string with another string in the Word document.