How to use Meta AI on WhatsApp? Step by step complete process

In earlier times, we all used to take the help of books and magazines to answer questions related to professional and personal life. But with the changing times, many changes have been seen in technology. Earlier, we had to wait for years to talk to people sitting abroad. Whereas now we can contact them in a few seconds. Now we use the WhatsApp feature group call to talk to the whole family together.

Meta AI on WhatsApp

There are many such features present in WhatsApp that not only help with household chores but also help in doing office-related work. In simple words, more than half the work stops without this app. Let us tell you that one such new feature has been updated in it, with the help of which you can ask all kinds of questions from cooking to technology. Let us know what this update is and how it works.

Meta AI on WhatsApp

Whatsapp's parent company Meta has launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) on WhatsApp. With its help, you can know the answers to your questions. This feature can prove to be very useful in connecting people with the world. Earlier, to know the answer to anything, we had to search on Chat GPT or Google, but now with the help of this feature, you can know the answer on WhatsApp itself.

How does WhatsApp's Meta AI work?

People are very curious to know about the new updates on the phone. Now, that Meta AI has arrived on WhatsApp, it is important to know about it as well. When you go to the search bar and write something, the results related to the word you have written start appearing below. Meta AI does not connect to that message until you ask it a question. You do not need to worry that now you will not be able to use WhatsApp like before. Let us tell you that by going to the search bar, you can search chats, messages, photos, videos, links, GIFs, audio, and documents like before. There will be no harm to any of your personal things.

How to use Meta AI?

1. To use the new update of WhatsApp i.e. Meta AI, first click on the search field above the chat list.

2. Now click on the prompt mentioned here and then touch the Send button.

3. As soon as you type, you will start seeing the answers to the questions asked to Meta AI in the search section.

4. For this, a complete chat page will open like other users.

5. Before using Meta AI, the rules and service page will open on your screen.

6. You can use it only after accepting these terms.