Communication Skills Class 10 IT-402 MCQs

Communication Skills Class 10 new syllabus first term notes. In this part communication skills, we will learn about Information communication skills. With the guidance of these notes from class 10 IT 402 Communication Skills, you will complete your study.

Multiple Choice Questions for Communication Skills Class 10 IT-402

Q1. Which of the following is not a form of oral communication?

(a) Listening carefully

(b) An e-mail

(c) An interview

(d) A group discussion

Ans. (b) An e-mail

Q2. Which of the following is not a form of written communication?

(a) A newspaper

(c) A notices

(b) A website

(d) A telephone conversation

Ans. (d) A telephone conversation

Q3. Which one of the following is not a step in the communication cycle?

(a) Encoding

(b) Medium

(c) Noise

(d) Feedback

Q4. Which one of the following is not a medium of communication?

(a) A verbal conversation

(b) Writing on paper

(c) The Internet

(d) The telephone

Q5. Symbols may be related to which of the following?

(a) Pictures

(b) Action

(c) Language

(d) All of these

Q6. Which one of the following is not a factor causing a barrier to communication?

(a) Wordiness

(c) Emotions

(b) Physical

(d) Noise in the medium

Q7. .......... is not one of the 7 C's of effective communication.

(a) Completeness

(b) Correctness

(c) Comprehensiveness

(d) Clarity

Q8. Which one of the following is not one of the five W's whose answers will make a communication complete?

(a) Where

(b) When

(c) What

(d) Which

Q9. The sentence "A paragraph has many sentences which are about a single, clearly-defined topic." is a ............ sentence.

(a) simple

(b) complex

(c) compound

(d) compound-complex

Q10. In the sentence "He ate the chocolate cake greedily.", the underlined word is a/an ............. .

(a) adjective

(b) adverb

(c) noun

(d) verb

Q11. Aural communication is based on ............. .

(a) Facial expressions

(b) Listening and Hearing

(c) Body language

(d) Language and tone of voice

Ans. (b) Listening and Hearing

Q12. Visual communication among the people are dependent on .............. .

(a) Signs, symbols and pictures

(b) Text messages

(c) Posture

(d) Body language

Ans. (a) Signs, symbols and pictures

Q13. What is the final step in the communication cycle?

(a) Encoding

(b) Decoding

(c) Feedback

(d) Receiving

Ans. (c) Feedback

Q14. Which type of feedback supports student development from their current level of achievement?

(a) Specific Feedback

(b) Non-Specille Feedback

(c) Descriptive Feedback

(d) None of the above

Ans. (c) Descriptise Feedback

Q15. Which type of barrier may arise due to the symbol we use as it may mean different in things to different people?

(a) Physical Barrier

(b) Semantic Barrier

(c) Interpersonal Barrier

(d) None of the above

Ans. (b) Semantic Barrier

Q16. If there is absence of feedback then it will lead to ............ .

(a) Mistrust

(b) Communication Barrier

(c) Interference

(d) None of the above

Ans. (b) Communication Barrier

Q17. It is a word used in place of noun that is .............

(a) Adverb

(b) Verb

(c) Pronoun

(d) Preposition

Ans. (c) Pronoun

& A word used to express emotion and is often followed by an exclaimation mack is called

la) Proposition

Ans. Injection

(b) Conjunction

(d) Adver

9 Which part of sentence contains two independent clauses joined by a conjunction?

i Compound Sentences (b) Simple Sentraces

tri Complex Setetes till Compound-Complex Sentences

10 The sentence "The Sun is shining now, so I think that we can go shopping" which of the following types of sentences is this?

(a) Simple

Ans (Campund-Complex


(b) Comples

(0) Compoand-Complex

is an instance of non-verbial


(a) A speech

(c) A notice

bi Proximity

(d) An e-mail

12 Which of the following is the process in which the receiver interprets and understands the message!

(0) Decoding

03 Feedback

A Decading

the Encoding

It None of these

13 Speaking louder to drown out the noise is a

barrier to communication.

fal type of men overcome a None of these

[9:58 pm, 13/09/2021] Shrikant Rana: 14 If we take into consideration both the viewpoints as well as the feelings of the receiver of a communication, which of the 7 C's are we fulfilling?

(a) Clarity (c) Courtesy

Ans. Courty

(b) Consideration (d) Conectens

[9:58 pm, 13/09/2021] Shrikant Rana: 15 The sentence "I am going to outside and may take some time to return which of the following types of sentence is this?

fal Simple

(c) Compound

id Compound

(b) Complex

(di Compound-complex