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What is the weight?

In physics, the measurement of the Earth's gravity on an object is called weight or weight. The acceleration due to gravity on the Earth's surface is almost the same, so the weight of an object is proportional to its mass. The SI unit of the load is equal to the SI unit of force.

The load is the result of the gravitational force (g) exerted on an object. This force is represented by the English-language consonant 'g'. The 'g' value varies with the place, hence the measurement of load also varies from place to place. Its SI unit is Newton. Weight is a vector amount, including the mean direction. The value of force depends on which direction it is facing. The load is the result of the force acting on it, hence the load will also depend on the direction.

Mathematically: f = mg; Hence the weight of the object: w = mg.

If the mass of an object is 60 kg, its weight on earth will be (60 * g) = 60 * 9.8 = 588 N. The weight of the same object on the moon will be 60 * 9.8 / 6 = 97.99N because the gravitational force there is 6 times less than the Earth. Similarly, the load in space will be zero because there is no gravitational force ie g = 0.