What will happen? If the astronaut shoots at his companion in space.

Space has its secrets. We all know that there is no gravity in space. The question is what will happen if there is a dispute between the astronauts and if an astronaut fires a revolver at his companion standing nearby. Will the revolver's bullet reach the nearest target. Will blood come out of the astronaut's body after being shot. Will the astronaut die. Let's try to find answers to all the questions.
astronaut in space
Can a gun be fired in space like the ground?
Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee and Mukul Kant, who is researching the mysteries of nature, says that to fire any bullet or bullet, gunpowder or propellant has to be set on fire, due to which with the help of a blast The bullet comes out of the gun very fast. And to the fire we need oxygen, but there is no oxygen in the space. In such a situation, fire cannot happen. If someone presses the trigger of the gun, the miss will be fired.

Is there an option to fire with a gun in space?
But it is not that space cannot be fired. Mukul Kant explains that with the help of artificial oxidizers, the gunpowder can be set on fire and the bullet can be shot. Now if someone shoots a bullet with a gun in space, then because of this, it will know what the effects will be.

What will sound if shot in space?
If we shoot with a gun on earth, as soon as the bullet comes out of the gun then a heavy sound is produced. But due to the vacuum present in the space, there will be no sound on gunshot because the sound waves need some medium to travel and the sound waves in the vacuum cannot travel and due to this without any sound. The bullet will exit the gun.

What will happen if a shotgun blows in space?
When a gun is fired, it causes a shock to the back, which is called the recoiling of the gun. According to physics, due to newton's action-reaction rules and conservation of linear momentum, a backward force is applied when the bullet comes out of the gun. Due to momentum and mass, that backward force is very low, so that we do not have to push far and if we talk about space, then these rules also apply there but due to lack of gravity, we will start swimming backwards and our displacement too. It could be a little more. According to a calculation, if the bullet comes out of the gun at a speed of 1000 m / s, the speed of the rear shock due to the backward force will be only a few centimetres/second.

How far will the bullet fired in space go?
Now a very interesting thing. When we shoot at the earth, due to gravity and air friction, it gets some external forces due to which its speed decreases after some time and it stops after travelling a fixed distance.

But if we talk about space, then there is neither gravity nor air which can put external force on the bullet and stop it. Also, due to the expansion of the universe, that is, due to the expansion of the universe, it will take several million light-years time for the bullet to go from one place to another. To make it simple and simple, the bullet will travel for infinite time and will not stop until an asteroid or a planet comes in its way.