7Cs of Effective Communication | CBSE Class 10 IT (402)

What is Effective Communication? 

We now know that there are different methods of communication: non-verbal, verbal, and visual. However, all these methods can only be effective if we follow the basic principles of professional communication skills. These can be abbreviated as 7 Cs i.e., Clear, Concise, Concrete, Correct, Coherent, Complete, and Courteous. These are further explained below.

The absence of any of these 7Cs can lead to miscommunication. Let us take a closer look at certain barriers to effective communication.

7Cs of Effective Communication

Clear: Be clear about what you want to say.

Concise: Use simple words (say only what is needed).

Concrete: Use exact words and facts.

Correct: Use correct spelling and grammar.

Coherent: Words should make sense and relate to the main topic.

Complete: Include all the needed information.

Courteous: Be respectful, friendly, and honest.