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Temperature is the compute of the heat of an object. That is, temperature designate whether an object is cold or hot.

For example, if the temperature of one object is 20 degrees and that of another object is 40 degrees, then it can be said that the second object is warmer than the first object.

Another example - if in Bangalore, the average temperature on August 4, 2006, was 29 degrees and on August 5, the temperature was 32 degrees; So Bangalore, on 5 August 2006, was warmer than 4 August 2006.

Based on the evolution of the molecular theory of gases, it is assumed that the temperature of an object is proportional to the average kinetic energy contained in the random motion of its microscopic particles (electrons, atoms, and molecules).

Temperature is the most important physical sign. Its importance is visible in all the important fields of Physics (Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Biology, Geology, etc.). Apart from this, the temperature has importance in all aspects of daily life.